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(BPT) - Think the roof over your head is just shingles? Beneath the visible shingles are essential components such as the roof deck, underlayment, cements and sealants. These layers help the roof stand up to the long-term harsh effects of sun, rain, ice and other conditions, extending the life and beauty of your home.Starting at the bottom layer, TAMKO Building Products, a leading manufacturer of residential roofing, offers the following primer on the makeup of a typical residential roof.Roof deck: The critical foundationThe roof deck is the base layer for the other components. These flat structural panels offer crucial support. Commonly made of sheets of plywood or oriented strand boards (OSB), these 4-foot by 8-foot panels nailed directly to a home’s roof trusses or rafters act as the structural backbone of the roof deck. The type of shingles selected determines which roof deck material will be most appropriate.Underlayment: The essential moisture barrierUnderlayment is a thin, wate…

Introducing The Wealth Building Series by Annette Thomas on The Digital Vibe Podcast!

Want a course that has the power to change the course of your life? Want to go from perhaps to possibilities? How about seeing your life from where it use to be to where it can be? How about a guide or should I say a course that has the ability to take and transform your life and its goals to where you want them to be!

Wealth Building Series by Annette Thomas, Founder of The Digital Vibe Podcast

Course Titles Include:

1. Creating Lasting Wealth
2. Effective Time Management
3. Better health and Your life
4. Secrets to Abundance
5. The Art of Research
6. Personal and Professional Development
7. Faith and how it relates to Success
8. The Golden Rule and how to live by it
9. Cash flow and Your business
10. Building a Successful Team
11. Continuity Marketing
12. The Art of Negotiation
13. Keeping Your business in today’s green environment
14. Is your business mobile ready?
15. Feng Shui and how to apply it to Your business

Course Includes:

2 audios
29 e book/pdf file
2 course images
All chapters come with workbooks with the exception of the first chapter, Creating Lasting Wealth.

Are You ready?? 

Start Now!

Want to share your personal experience with this course? Then submit your question or personal story Here. Record, save on server then open podcast in new window then download on your computer and name the file. That easy! This saves you time and gives you convenience. If you do not want episode on SpeakPipe server, then produce on your own platform.


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